The Victory Essentials team who are presenting the updated and expanded range, comprises of a founders grandchild, a designer and two experienced partners. Victory Essentials is the modern version of an old family brand which dates back to post war 1940s. The principles are the same now as they were then.

The essence of Victory when it started was the desire to create durable underwear for the working class. The focus was on quality that could sustain wear and tear by active people, the audience then valued moderation by virtue and necessity. Its modern-day equivalent, Victory Essentials, unfolds its values of ‘less is more’ in timeless designs and lasting quality. The styles are crafted for active people with a taste for fashion. Comfortable quality that will endure countless washes is key - your Victory Essentials will stay with you on your journey. The core styles are reworked from the Victory originals and the range is updated and expanded, staying true to the aesthetics and functionality of its legacy. 

The World of Yesterday 
Victory is a story of migration in a changing world. The Hepworth family were textile manufacturers in the heart land of the English industrial revolution in the North. Part of the family migrated before the turn of the century to Scandinavia, some settled in Sweden but George James and Flora Lewis found home in Vejle, Denmark and helped establish ‘De Danske Bomuldsspinderier’ (The Danish Cotton Mills). Both sons followed suit into the textile business and the hero of this Story, the youngest brother, George Lewis Hepworth ended up owning and running Thorvald Thøgersens Trikotagefabrik in the city of Kolding. It was here in the post war years a durable high quality underwear brand saw the light of day.

From Viking to Victory
In its first seasons the line took the name Viking but changed to Victory following a dispute with the well known pencil maker. The iconic Viking ship logo was kept and the name change was inspired by the era. George a proud Englishman and wife Augusta was granted Danish citizenship immediately when the tide rolled for which they were forever grateful to the Danish Civil service. Some dues were paid back by George’s involvement in the Danish resistance movement and textile containers at the factory were used for weapons smuggling. 

The product ethos then was quality and durability which is ever more pertinent today when we must all consider our impact. As a testament to the quality, original Victory clothes are still worn in the family. 

You only need the essential
Creative Director Jakob Birgens (previously known for Frost Birgens) explains;

“For the duration of our friendship I’ve always been enticed by the Victory story Simon could tell (George Lewis Grandson). The visions of the brand resonated. Only buy what’s necessary and buy quality comfort and style you can use for years. The Essential. We decided to revisit the idea of the perfect underwear, modernised, and that’s how Victory Essentials came about. 

We started out as underwear only but have now added sweat which seems the natural next step. For a few years we have been playing and developing our styles and in 2021 we felt ready to expand and were joined by two new partners; Martin Valgaard and Rene Lynge, both immensely experienced.

You will find the new Victory Essentials styles at Storm, HooHa, Res Res and Wardrobe in addition to the web shop.


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