In a different time, some might say a different world, George Lewis Hepworth, became part of a clothing manufacturing company with partners in Kolding, Denmark. We are back in the 1930's. George was the second son in an English family of clothes- and cotton manufacturers dynasty who migrated to Scandinavia in the early 1900, in particularly Sweden and Denmark, to expand the family trade from North England.

George became the sole owner in 1939 and the factory focused on its own clothing brands with quality underwear at reasonable prices for the workers as its flagship products – amongst the in house designed and produced brands was Viking, men’s cotton and wool underwear. In 1945 however, due to infringement issues with the famous pencil maker the line had to change its name…

With the wind of history blowing through the streets Victory was chosen, but with the iconic Viking-ship logo intact to stick to the brands roots, and for years on quality underwear flowed out the gates. In the 70ies, Danish clothing manufacturing waned and production in general moved to far away shores, Victory underwear vanished into oblivion, until now…

Simon Hepworth (grandson of the originator) and best friend Jakob Birgens has now felt the wind change, once again letting the victory sail distend, and decided to resurrect the brand as they have always talked of doing throughout their friendship. The time is right. Core qualities and a production close to the end users with an unwavering focus on sustainability, organic material, quality of wear and comfort in a contemporary design.

For Jakob and Simon, Victory Essentials has completed the circle of a dream that’s followed them through their friendship. They strive to perfect the marriage of good design and functional wear. Jakob & Simon desires elegance, simplicity and durability - wanting to touch the future and past. Every road has been a path to this….

Stitching room - anno 1945


Knitting machine - anno 1945


At the Factory



Gasværksvej 8D, 1.sal

1656 Copehagen V