Claes Antonsen

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation: Musician / Drummer / Musical Director
Setting: In between a busy concert schedule Claes took the time to meet with us. We had the pleasure of visiting him at his flat in Copenhagen. The drumsticks was left in the car, so he grabbed the guitar instead, gave us a little insights of the last gig and we spoke about art, music and how to balance your self in a not so ordinary lifestyle. We got some tales from the road and had some good laughs. We also had a peak at the mans wardrobe - years of rock star attitude styling...hopefully we will get to catch up on this later on ;)
Who is He: The renowned drummer of 'The Antonelli Orchestra'. A laid back guy with a résumé that speaks for itself - decades of music on the highest level. To list a few, Claes has been backing and playing with people like Chuck Berry, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Crace Jones,  Robbie Williams, Gloria Gaynor, not to mention his been playing with one of DK's most famous rockstars, Thomas Helmig for 42 years. Always with a smile on but also with a hint of serious thoughtfulness to it...and always with a story or two to tell.

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