Mads Kjær Krabat

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Occupation: Artist

Setting: Up to his event with 'mal for livet' at Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen, we had the pleasure of tagging along while Mads put up his artwork on the pink wall inside the busy warehouse. 'Mal for livet' was originally a live event in Aarhus, where Mads made a painting only by the use of nail polish - a co-project with Nailberry, where all the profits went to charity, such as the Veterans Home Midtjylland and the Cancer Foundations 'Knæk cancer' campaign.

During the preparations we had a walk around the city, shopping for L-hooks, having a quick lunch, getting a deeper understanding of Mads Kjær Krabat and the history behind the artist. We really enjoyed the time and followed up with a visit on the day of the event - also we hope and expect to see more of him again sometime in the future.

Who is he: An artist, a veteran, a surviver, a father. Not sure in which order, but no doubt that Mads is all of the above. Balancing life with four kids, physical damage (due to an IED impact) and a diagnose of PTSD, he has managed to find his way back after a heavy deroute.

We met Mads last year, and back then immediately knew that we wanted to do a portrait with him. From first sight you see this strong, charismatic guy, with a face and smile that really lets you know, you want to know more. He agreed to this portrait and he did not disappoint. He was all that we had expected and more - every once in a while there was a glance in those smiling eyes that exposed a depth and a vulnerability that's hard to describe - a bigger picture, that's really only for himself to know. Mads is a super charismatic artist, with a history that few can even begin to really comprehend. Helping him self and others, the best way he can.

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